Air Purifier Hunter: A Home Essential


air purifier hunterAir purifier Hunter is the brand that many homeowners are looking for whenever they have to shop for home comfort facilities such as air purifiers, filter replacements, humidifiers, ceiling fans, portable fans and thermostats. Hunter Air has been in business since 1888. Even before electricity was considered as a basic need in everyday living, the Hunter family has been creating fans and delivering them all over the world.

They are also pioneers when it comes to the newest technologies which they try to integrate into their product all the time. Furthermore, what customers really like about their products is that they are fairly priced and the cost always proves to be worth the quality they are getting out of every machine Hunter Air makes. One can always expect that a Hunter-label will always last longer and function better given a long number of years compared to top competitors. Outlasting and outperforming is its game!

Air Purifier Hunter’s Credentials

Air purifier Hunter is among one of their most best selling products. It is because there is so much to choose from. Each product line consists of more than three to five models. In particular, their product lines are HEPATech Air Purifiers and QuietFlo True HEPA Tech Air Purifiers, which both use the HEPA technology on air cleaners, the PermaLife Air Purifier Hunter that has a permanent filter that needs no replacement and just cleaning, and the Total Air Purification, and Total Air Sanitizer. Every product line has their own niche focus but bottom line; they are all efficient in cleaning the air inside the room where it is located.

air purifier hunterBorne out of the environmental concern of spreading clean air and with the knowledge that the air inside your house is actually five times more polluted than the air outside, Hunter air purifier kills of 99.99% of the germs, bacteria and dirt that causes infections and allergies and spreads airborne diseases that are floating in mid-air. All Hunter air purifiers are designed for optimum performance without the need for high maintenance. All units are easy to clean, easy to use and easy to love. Who would not love such functional machine that cleans the air you breathe?

Air Purifier Hunter’s Warranty

To add icing to the cake all units come with a 5-year warranty from Hunter itself. This gives the peace of mind that every air purifier hunter unit out there is backed by the confidence of buying from the company that has been in the business for more than a hundred years and has seen the evolution of people’s needs for home comfort and clearly understands them all.

air purifier hunterThe outside world is cruel to everyone’s health. You do not know what kind of contagious diseases are out there to infect you. However, one still cannot rest on their laurels when it comes to the air they breathe at home. Air is everywhere, and so are the germs and bacteria. Protect your family from airborne diseases that you cannot see with a Hunter air purifier that does the bacteria-killing spree for your peace of mind. For more useful articles on air purifier Hunter please browse through .

What You Need to Know About Natural Air Purifiers

The cold temperatures brought in by the winter months often mean closed doors and windows. With the air flow to your home being limited, it’s easy for the air in your house to feel closed in and stale. And while fans and humidifiers help to circulate and add moisture, it still may seem like your air could use a little more help. Adding houseplants to your living space can be a simple and easy way to naturally purify the air you breathe. Here’s a list of four plants you can grow indoors to increase the quality of your air:

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe VeraThe Aloe Vera plant is incredibly easy to grow, which is good for those of us who are challenged when it comes to having a green thumb. It’s also a favorite of many because of its healing properties to damaged and sensitive skin caused by burns. In addition, it’s used as a base for hair and face masks, as it is a natural moisturizer. When it comes to purifying your air, Aloe Vera is said to have the ability to decrease levels of carbon dioxide.

2. Peace Lily

Peace LilyAside from being a beautiful addition to any modern décor, the Peace Lily is another great plant for removing toxins and impurities from your air. The Peace Lily has specifically been shown to reduce levels of formaldehyde, which can be found in many of the common materials that make up your home. The Minnesota Department of Health gives great insight into the effects formaldehyde can have on you and your family. The information they provide will have you convinced that a little peace is just what you need in your home.

3. English Ivy

English IvyThis plant, in particular, can be incredibly invasive in the flower garden. Put it in a pot in your home, though, and all you’ll notice is how quickly it grows and how the air around you seems cleaner with the addition of this ever-expanding ivy. Ivy can also be grown out of doors, but you may want an underground camera to monitor its aggressive root system. English Ivy has a reputation for being able to significantly reduce allergens and fecal matter in the air, a bonus for those who have a love for furry friends.

4. Golden Pothos

Golden PothosWatch out! This is a fast grower. With beautiful light green leaves, this plant is a great feature for the mantelpiece or top shelf as it lends a nice pop of color against any neutral background and is a collection of nicely-shaped, cascading foliage. The Golden Pothos is a great plant for beginners, though it may need to be split up into different pots on a regular basis to prevent it from taking over too much space at once. It, too, is known for reducing levels of formaldehyde.

If you’ve noticed an increase in stuffed noses and sore throats this winter, try putting even one or two of these plants around your home to vary your everyday scenery and purify the air around you.